half curved soprano sax  VINTAGE

The ultimate challenge: to reproduce with this sound alloy the rich and warm sound of the wonderful instruments of the 50’s and to combine this with all the facilities brought about by ergonomic and agile mechanisms, which are exclusive to the best contemporary saxophones.

A perfect pitch, combined with a great homogeneity of timbre throughout the expressive range, puts the musician immediately at ease. The instrument humbly performs all the dynamics which are requested of it, giving the musician the pleasant feeling of being able to play easily any kind musical piece.

The "Vintage" has the easiest pressure/output ratio of the Borgani productions, without ever sacrificing the quality and richness of sound. Its refinement in the harmonics is superb, even on first impact.

The natural visual effect due to the gradual oxidation of the plate will eventually give the instrument a distinctive appearance, an individual instrument certainly destined to increase in value over time.

Material: Brass
Finitura: vintage