half curved soprano sax  SPECIAL EDITION

The latest in the Borgani line, one which has met with high levels of approval in a very short space of time.

From the union of the two metals used in its construction - rose gold and silver - a great chemistry has been created that brings together in a single instrument the best features, in terms of timbre and expression, of all that Borgani has to offer.

The body, in rounded Rose Gold, tempers, makes rounder and ennobles the considerable sound impulse that the silver-plated neck imparts, but without affecting the purity of sound, while the bell, also silver-plated, faithfully amplifies the tone which is always pleasantly full, elegant and unmistakable.

Special mention should be made of the look: the contrasting colours of pink gold and silver, combined with the finely crafted engraving on every part of the sax, making the instrument wonderfully unique.

Material: Brass
Finitura: pink gold and silver